Whiskey Mick


Rock !

Winding dutch cranks and twanging eight strings round K-Town



"4/10 - could do better - see me"


"Yes miss - but I'd rather be playing music. I don't do webby things."




I'm a mandolin player from London, regularly to be found in and around the Camden and Kentish Town Pubs and beer gardens enjoying a pint (often a wee dram) and strumming a tune.


I play guitar, tenor banjo, bodhran and low whistle when i'm not holding a mandolin!


Hop round the tabs to read about the sessions at The Old Eagle (Whiskey Wednesday) and Tapping The Admiral, forthcoming gigs with Whiskey B4 Breakfast (one of the best London Irish bands on the circuit) and a brand new outfit called - Roundhouse Kick




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