The Old Eagle

The Old Eagle

The delightful Blanche Ellis often turns up with her washboard and when she's not playing - she's knocking off drawings like this! Amazing talent!



Some of the regulars ...

The Old Eagle session (otherwise known as 'Whiskey Wednesday') started around November of 2011. It's now very much a part of the Camden music scene with some top quality players showing up to make an amazing evening of musical fun and frivolity! It's different every Wednesday and can range from half a dozen brilliant players to well over twenty! We've had evenings with five fiddles all doing their stuff and occasionally even trombones and saxophones!


It's not a session to miss!


Out of this session popped a brand new band - 'Roundhouse Kick' which you can read more about on the tab above.


Read what the Camden Review said about it here: Camden Review


The Kilburn Herald also made an appearance and their comments can be found here: Kilburn Herald


It's conceivably the friendliest and most fun session anywhere in Camden!


The Old Eagle is on Royal College Street just up the road from Camden Road overground station.


Everyone is welcome with or without something to strum, bash, blow or bow!

So come visit one Wednesday soon!



Garry Hjordis Tom Conor Neil Aoife


National Resophonic Cajon - Snare Drum Rhythm Guitar Slide Guitar Ukulele Bodhran



Blanche Peter Dana


Washboard - Guitar Fiddle Banjo



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